These cool animations will jazz up your iPhone Lock Screen!

Use the order form below to purchase Animated Lock Screens. Email me for a free copy of a lock screen animation to test on your iPhone (either Snow drift (short) or Constellations 51ºN Jan (lite)).

Animated Lock Screens are available at a cost of £3 for five wallpapers. Animated Lock Screens cannot be uploaded and downloaded from websites, they can only be shared via iMessage. Ordinary e-commerce solutions do not work for this, please follow the instructions below to purchase your choice of live wallpapers.

To buy five wallpapers of your choice first choose which ones you’d like from the video preview and GIF previews in the catalogue (below). Click on any of the GIFs below to see their names and reference numbers – e.g. gen-lw-0001-unionjackf or aphq-lw-0001-stmodel). Make a note of the reference numbers for the five lock screen animations you want to buy.

Then complete a payment via PayPal (payment button below). Copy the receipt number for the PayPal order. Complete the order form below including the reference numbers of the wallpapers you want and the PayPal receipt number.

Your choice of live wallpapers will be sent to you via iMessage. All purchases are covered by PayPal’s stringent consumer protections. All contact details provided during an order are used exclusively to fulfil orders. No profiling, data sharing with third parties or unsolicited marketing takes place using these contact details.

I appreciate the unusual nature of this purchase method, if you have any questions please contact me.

Animated Lock Screen Catalogue

Below you can see new covid-19 themed animations. There is no charge from me for these; feel free to make a donation to the NHS and other worthy causes (try this page for inspiration). Just fill out the order form with the reference number(s) for the animation you want and send it off without payment via PayPal (input “covid19” in the PayPal Receipt Number field). A simple way to show your support for the NHS and efforts to “flatten the curve”.


Make your purchase via the PayPal button below and then copy the receipt number from your confirmation email into the order form on the right.

Order Form

Ready to install your first Animated Lock Screen? Here are instructions to install them.

Terms of Sale

Five live photos are offered for purchase at a cost of 3.00 GBP *.  Upon receipt of a payment via PayPal and a completed order form the five live photos specified in the order form will be sent to the supplied iMessage contact number.  The buyer will have a period of 7 days from the purchase date (defined by the PayPal receipt) to request a refund or to exchange one of the live photos for a different live photo.

Buyers are not given the right to distribute or resell the live photos.

* Prices may vary depending on your locale.