Metal Gear Solid iPhone Customisation Pack: Fox Hound

Customise your iPhone with a new Metal Gear Solid animation – one for every day of the week with the Fox Hound customisation pack for iPhones. It includes seven Metal Gear Solid (1998) themed animated lock screens which are animations of Snake’s encounters with each member of Fox Hound in the game.

The seven animations are Live Photos which include a snippet of Snake’s encounters with each member of gaming’s most notorious villains!. Psycho Mantis, Revolver Ocelot, Gray Fox, Vulcan Raven, Decoy Octopus, Sniper Wolf and Liquid Snake – they’re all there.

Of course not all encounters are the same. Snake encounters Decoy Octopus without realising in the form of Donald Anderson. Gray Fox is the ninja and he isn’t a straightforward enemy. Then there’s Liquid Snake who is disguised as Master and reveals himself over the CODEC.

Also included: 7 still wallpapers – one for each member.

The animated lock screens are Live Photos (compatible only with 3D Touch enabled iPhones and not running iOS 16 or higher). Each is uniquely based on a scene of Solid Snake’s encounters with members of Fox Hound. A 3D Touch iPhone can set this animation as the lock screen wallpaper. Instructions for adding the animation to the Lock Screen are included.

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