Metal Gear Solid iPhone Customisation Pack 2

Take your iPhone customisation to the next level with this customisation pack for iPhones. It includes a Metal Gear Solid (1998) themed animated lock screen (Live Photo), one new sound (Item Pickup), a set of eight icons – based on items / objects in Metal Gear Solid – and instructions for setting up customised app launcher Shortcuts.

The eight icons retain the blocky characteristics of the original artwork from the game, they are png format.

The 8 icons are:
• Camera
• Disc
• Incoming Call
• Map / Radar
• Alert Timer
• Life bar
• PAL Key
• Cigs

The new sound is item pickup. It is included as an m4r (iPhone ringtone format) and mp3.

The animated lock screen is a Live Photo (compatible only with 3D Touch enabled iPhones and not running iOS 16 or higher).  It is based on a scene of Metal Gear Solid with Snake being discovered by a guard and the alert timer starting.  The guard discovers Snake, attacks him (reducing his Life bar) and the map switches to the Alert timer.  A 3D Touch iPhone can set this animation as the lock screen wallpaper.  Instructions for adding the animation to the Lock Screen are included in the sale items.  When played from the Photos app the Live Photo plays audio to accompany the animation: alert sound on spotting followed by the alert theme music.

A still version of the scene is also included without the map which makes a great home screen wallpaper.

MGS – Alert

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