Metal Droid Pack 1

MGS Customisation Pack 1 for Android phones

Take your phone customisation to the next level with this customisation packs for Android. Each pack includes a Metal Gear Solid (1998) themed animated wallpaper (GIF) one new sound (Item Pickup), a set of eight icons – based on items / objects in Metal Gear Solid – and instructions for setting up customised app launcher Shortcuts and the wallpaper.

The eight icons retain the blocky characteristics of the original artwork from the game, they are png format.

The 8 icons are:
• Camera
• Disc
• Codec
• Map / Radar
• Ration
• Life bar
• Scope

The new sound is item pickup. It is included as an mp3.

The animated wallpaper is a GIF.  It is based on a scene of Metal Gear Solid and Snake taking a ration to increase his health bar.  The inventory opens, scrolls to the Ration item, the Rations in the inventory decrease by one and Snake’s Life bar increases.  Android phones can set this as an animated wallpaper with a third part app.  Instructions for adding the animation to the home screen are included in the sale items.

Four versions of the GIF are included at different resolutions and with different cooldown times before the animation restarts:
• Resolution: 1500 × 2664 with 15 second or 30 second cooldown.
• Resolution: 1500 × 3000 with 15 second or 30 second cooldown.

MGS – Take Ration

You can request the Lite version of the Lock Screen to get a feel for how it will look on your phone prior to purchase. Drop me an email here.

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