Glowing Snowflakes (Free!)

A pattern of snowflakes glow and glimmer. Take your pick from three different schemes of the animation effect.

Glowing Snowflakes ①
Glowing Snowflakes ②
Glowing Snowflakes ③

Click to Download Glowing Snowflakes

Live Photos can only be distributed by iMessage.  After you request a download on Gumroad you will be contacted by email to obtain your iMessage contact detail (phone number or email address associated with iMessage) so that the Live Photo can be sent to you.  The Live Photo cannot be downloaded directly from Gumroad.  There is a placeholder PDF included with a note about receiving the animation via iMessage.

It is the downloader’s responsibility to ensure that they have an iPhone that supports 3D Touch required to animate the Live Photo.  3D Touch enabled iPhones are model iPhone 6S or newer.  (iPhone SE does not support live photos)