Psi Art / Ψ art

My day job is a teacher of physics at a sixth form college. In that role I create a lot of educational resources for students across the globe. I try to make resources that are helpful as well as being good looking. Below you can browse some of the graphical work I’ve made in this endeavour from decks of Tinycards (free digital flashcards offered by Duolingo), animated lock screens, posters, animated GIFs and video animations.

Each representative image below has a link to its resouce location on the attachment page (e.g. deck of Tinycards flashcards, video, poster for sale on TES).


Flashcards for the digital age. I think these are a fantastic implementation of an educational resource. They are also free forever which resonates with my own values about education. I hope you agree that I’ve married a good quality graphical approach with Tinycards’ quality app. As you can see below in a small sample I make decks across a range of subject areas. Physics is of course the dominant subject area.

Animated Lock Screens (iPhone)

After making numerous static images for Tinycards I felt inspired to bring some of them to life to add a new dimension and a new level of experience. So I animated some of my graphics and turned them into live photos that can be saved onto iPhone Lock Screens and animated by 3D Touch. I thought they were quite fun and a very different approach to lock screens than I had seen anywhere else. In addition to the science animations I created I’ve also created some more generalised animations. These are available for purchase at the Shop. Below you can see GIF versions of the animations.


I’ve created a few physics posters that are available for purchase through my shop on TES.

I ♥ Science Resources

Below are some science-themed animated GIF banners. These are great for Google Classroom banners. Totally free.
Click on a GIF to be taken to its page to see the animation.

Visible spectrum