Free Animated Lock Screens

Use the order form below to order free Animated Lock Screens for your smartphone.

To get the wallpapers of your choice first choose which ones you’d like from the GIF previews below. Click on any of the GIFs below to see their names and reference numbers – e.g. gen-lw-0025-nhscovid19. Make a note of the reference numbers for the lock screen animations you want to receive.

Your choice of live wallpapers will be sent to you via iMessage or email. All contact details provided during an order are used exclusively to fulfil orders. No profiling, data sharing with third parties or unsolicited marketing takes place using these contact details.

Covid-19 themed animations

Below you can see new covid-19 themed animations. There is no charge from me for these; feel free to make a donation to the NHS and other worthy causes (try this page for inspiration). Just fill out the order form with the reference number(s) for the animation you want and send it off without payment. A simple way to show your support for the NHS and efforts to “flatten the curve”.

Order Form

Free animated lock screens can be received as either a Live Photo (for use on iPhones) or as a high definition GIF (for use on Android phones). If you require a Live Photo they can only be sent by iMessage so please include your iMessage contact detail. Android users only need to include a general email address, the GIF will be sent there. NB the GIFs only include the animated graphics they do not include the status bar, clock, etc as in the demo files shown above.

    - Live Photo (iOS)- HD GIF (Android)

    Ready to install your first Animated Lock Screen? Here are instructions to install them for an iPhone.

    Terms of Order

    Sale does not transfer rights to distribute or sell the live photos.